Is a way to try something new everytime...


A slice is all we need...  when you’re in a hurry or when you need just that little bite to keep you going and you have no time to spare. More than a slice will make your meal complete. Slice is a new fast-food take away in the city of St.Johns in Antigua, West Indies.

The menu will offer  selected pizza flavours, Italian focaccia and two different pasta everyday .

You will be also able to try our fantastic take-away desserts.

All the items on the daily menu are prepared on site using the “Original” Italian ways of making dough, to create that unique pizza taste, fill your belly and still keeping you light enough to go back to work...

Everything is on display and ready to go, get more from your time out of lunch break. If you wish to hang around, then you can chill on the little bamboo deck and enjoy the action of St.John’s listening  to reggae music.

Whatever you do... enjoy your slice.

Johnny CoconAt...